Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking

My body feels like electrified concrete. My head isn't working. I've consumed about 50 % a pound of Jelly Belly's already. Even the licorice flavored ones. Hey! Am 27yrs old from india, this makes 7 weeks of quit. i gone wintry turkey, and am driven not to take this habit again. i needed to learn abt my blackend mouth since i was smoking going back 12 yrs continously approx 10 cigs a days and nights. i wanna get my pink lips back again. HOW? any treatment? or it will happen naturally? though some part of my mouth already discoloring and i can see baby red color lip area immerging through the dead pores and skin. but its at the area where both the lips touch each other not on the external part.
You will also suffer from smoking nostalgia” for the others of your life. You'll remember the good times you had while smoking or the feeling of the cigarette after meals or each day. Don't let yourself get sentimental! For each cigarette that believed great, there have been hundreds more that you didn't really want to smoke but was required to because your craving demanded it.
Almost 3 weeks smoking free...and almost wish I'd never give up! Abdomen pains/aches, dizziness, sinus pains, red/ itchy watery eye, random aches and pains all over the place...extreme panic disorders...constantly think it's something much much worse. My only solace is the fact I can trace each one of these issues back to my quit date(except the anxiety-that's been with us for years), and undoubtedly reading that so many people experience the same things! I cannot tell you how much it helps!quit smoking resources
Thanks you a lot for this site. I quit just over 5 weeks hence, using a vaporiser. I got a an super light cigarette smoker so am using the cheapest nicotine liquid available. For the first couple of weeks I didn't really notice any symptoms but now i've incredibly painful lower limbs, even after just 10 minutes or so walking they shed like crazy and do not stop even though i am resting. My other sign is being like i am stoned on a regular basis! i feel very despondent, irritable and discover it progressively more difficult to focus on anything at work. Its been reassuring to read here that others have experienced and acquired over similar symptoms but my question is shouild i be experiencing these if i am not actually giving up nicotine? My idea now is to stop with the vaporiser but i'm scared the pain and depression are certain to get even worse. thanks for any thoughts.
Nicotine substitute. Using nicotine substitution doubles the quit-rate. It can help with drawback symptoms and desires, and can be tapered off easily as withdrawal symptoms improve. There are numerous varieties available over-the-counter or with prescription: areas, gum, lozenges, nose squirt, and inhaler. The highest medication dosage patch (21mg) should be used if the smoker smokes more than 10 smokes every day. The patch gives nicotine through the skin over 24 hours, but can also be removed at bedtime. The other short-acting varieties of nicotine replacement can be used alone, or used with patches as needed for urges or on a regular schedule initially (e.g. hourly while awake).

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